Reservation Service

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  Book Online
    Whenever, wherever, 24 hours a day!
Booking and ticketing is available with just few clicks on Jin Air website.
Book Online
  Book via Telephone
    Jin Air is operating customer service desk for booking and ticketing.
Contact Number and Business Hours
   82-1600-6200 (82-2-3660-6000)
   (06:00~20:00, Korean Standard Time)
  Purchase an e-Ticket
    e-Ticket is a new form of airline ticket that substitutes paper tickets. You can conveniently book and purchase e-tickets from Jin Air through the website or by telephone. Since all ticket information is stored in the e-Ticket system, you don’t need to worry about a lost or damaged ticket. Jin Air currently provides e-Ticket service for all international flights. The details of your e-Tickets will be sent to you in a form of "e-Ticket Itinerary&Receipt" by e-mail.
Legal Notice
  Check-In with e-Ticket
    Just print the “e-Ticket Itinerary&Receipt” and present it at the airport check-in counter where you will be given your boarding pass. Please keep the “e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt” with you throughout your journey, as it may be required during check-in, immigrations or the customs' declaration process.
Check-in Process
  Reissue or Refund an e-Ticket
    Upon request, you must go through a specific procedure in order for an e-Ticket to be reissued or refunded. Please contact the location of purchase such as Jin Air customer service desk, website or travel agency.