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This Privacy Policy applies to those who use the Jin Air's website ( and Customer Service Center including both its members and non-members (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) for the protection of privacy and network security.
Jin Air protects the personally identifiable information of Users (hereinafter the “PII”) and prevents any illegal disclosure of such information and loss thereof to the best of its ability.
The Privacy Policy of Jin Air is subject to change at any time without notice in accordance with laws or company regulations, so it is recommended that individuals refer back to this statement periodically. A list at the end of this Privacy Policy shows when it was last amended.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)
A. Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”)
  Jin Air collects the following information, provided, however that for non-members, only required information shall be submitted for the purpose of payment, survey, automatic generation of PII and event participation
<Enrolling as a Member>
User ID, Password, Security Question/Answer, Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Contact Information (Tel., M.P., E-mail)

<Purchasing a Ticket>
For the purpose of ticketing or paying for services, users are required to provide the following information:
i) Credit Card Payment: Credit Card No, Expiry Date, Security Code
ii) Bank Transfer: Bank, Account No, Password


<For Survey or Promotion>
User ID, Name, Address, Contact Information (Tel., M.P., E-mail)


<Automatically Generated Information>
Following information may be collected during the course of processing services.
- Service Records, Access, Login, Cookie, IP Address, Payment Record, etc.

B Collecting “PII”
  Jin Air collects PII by using the following means:
i) Website,
ii) Applicable Information Management Tool
iii) Customer Service Center
C. Purpose of Collecting “PII
  Jin Air does not use the PII for any purpose other than as stated in this article unless it is required by laws or applicable regulations. Some collection is required under immigration laws in the country of departure or arrival. If the PII is not collected, we may not be able to provide our services to you.

<Performance of service and its payment>
Providing contents, ticketing, delivery of goods and invoices, certification for bank transaction, banking service, purchase, payment and collection of fees.


<Membership management>
User identification, prevention of membership abuse and unlicensed user of service, confirmation of membership registration, regulating membership registration, validation of legal guardian consent, maintaining record for dispute resolution, customer service and announcement.


<Marketing & Advertisement>
Service development and specialization, statistical service offer and publication, identification of access frequency, user statistics, and promotional events and information.

D. Disclosure of PII
  Jin Air does not disclose PII to any third party unless it is required by laws, provided, however, it can disclose PII to its affiliates or sponsors in order to provide its members with the highest-quality service. In this case, Jin Air notifies such disclosure to an individual user in writing or through e-mail specifying the purpose and contents of such information as well as its duration and may require users to express affirmative consent online.
E. Entrusting PII
  Jin Air entrusts PII to the following companies in compliance with contracts in order to provide Users with services:
  - Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunication: Web server/database outsourcing, website development and maintenance
  - KICC, KSNET: Payment service for ticketing and other services
  - HumusOn : Email delivery services - LG CNS : SMS delivery services
  - Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunication, Hyosung ITX : Customer Service Center
F. Terms & Duration of PII
  Jin Air retains and uses PII as long as the User uses its online service.
PII is retained in the Republic of Korea and in Germany for the purposes described in this policy. The Company destroys whole or any part of PII immediately when its purpose has been served as follows:
  - Membership Information: Upon the termination of membership
  - Information collected temporarily for survey or event: When applicable survey or event expires.
  - Termination of Business
However, Jin Air may retain whole or any part of PII even after its purpose has been served, if it is required by laws or applicable regulations in terms of consumer protection or if Jin Air has specified the extension of such a period as deemed necessary.
             Records of contracts and application withdrawals: 5 years.
             Records of Charges and Supplies: 5 years.
             Records of Customer Claims and Dissension: 3 years.
In case PII are retained, reason and items will be notified via email or written document or will be posted on the main page to obtain user consent (such as mouse click).
G. Disposal of PII
  Jin Air destroys whole or any part of PII immediately when its purpose has been served as follows:
The information submitted by members for the purpose of membership registration is stored for a certain period of time in accordance with the company internal policy and applicable laws for the protection of privacy before it is destroyed.
Hardcopy that contains PII is shredded by a shredder whereas softcopy is deleted without possibility of recovery.
H. Right of Users
  Users retain the right to view their own PII retained by Jin Air or request it to be modified if it contains any false information. In addition, users are allowed to withdraw the consent they have initially provided to Jin Air for the collection and use of such information.
Users are able to view and modify their PII as well as withdraw the initial consent through the website ( or by writing, calling on the phone or through Q&A. Jin Air responds to their request accordingly after conducting user identification process.
  <Viewing, Modifying and Withdrawing PII>
Users can log on to the Jin Air website and view/modify their PII by clicking on the menu. In order to withdraw their PII, Users need to terminate their membership through the website.
I. Liability of Users
  Users need to prevent security breach by providing and maintaining their PII in up-to-date condition. Any breach caused due to inaccurate information provided will be liable to the user. In case false information of others is provided, rights of the membership can be forfeited.
Users are given the rights to have their PII protected but at same time are given the obligation not to violate other’s PII. Please take precaution in your own PII and not to damage others. In an occasion that damage to others occurs, such act can be punishable under the law.
When a user has been identified to have used other’s PII to enroll, Jin Air will take necessary action immediately to the corresponding user ID.
J. Operation of Information Collecting Application

Jin Air installs and operates the information collecting application that uses “cookie” to store visitors’ online information. A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on the hard disk of a web browser client so it can later be read back from that browser client. By using “cookie”, the server can detect your computer; however, it is not able to identify you individually.

  Jin Air uses cookies for the following purposes:
i) User certification
ii) Collects statistics on access frequency and time, tracing, for the improvement of service and marketing.

You are free to decline “cookie” files if your computer browser has been set to prompt or decline “cookie” files. However, you may encounter difficulty using some of our services if you decline cookie files.

K. Administration of PII

The administrator for PII and their contact information are as follows:
- Div./Job Title: Director of Management Support Division / Vice President
- Name: Lee, Kwang
- General Inquiry: ☎ 82-1600-6200 / (Work hours: Mon.-Fri. 09:00-17:00)

  The above personnel secures your valuable information to the best of his/her ability in order to provide high-quality services
Feedback & Customer Service
  If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding your PII, please register through the following contact information. It will be responded to shortly. Jin Air tries to provide a written response within 30 days, but it may take longer if we need information from you to investigate.
Online: Submit through Q&A
Technical & Administrative Measures

Jin Air has implemented several technical security measures for the purpose of protecting PII. All the information submitted by Users is managed by a security system equipped with a highly secure firewall and some crucial information is encrypted for more protection.
In terms of administrative measures, various effective procedures are taken to assure the highest level of security. In addition, the number of personnel who have access to PII is reduced to the minimum while security training programs are provided on a continuous basis. Also, a password is applied to those who operate PII processing system and it is renewed regularly.

Amendment of Privacy Policy
  Jin Air complies with all applicable laws and regulations including Information Network Act and Protection of Privacy, Credit Information Regulation, Electronic Commerce Standards, Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act and Privacy Protection Law. In consequence, Jin Air’s Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time in accordance with applicable laws. Such changes are announced on the website in detail.
  - Jin Air’s Online Privacy Policy has been effective since June 15, 2008.
- Privacy Policy Version: v2.4
- Date of Enforcement: June 15, 2008
- Date of Adjustment: July 14, 2010
- Date of Adjustment: Sep. 30, 2011
- Date of Adjustment: Jan. 11, 2013
- Date of Adjustment: Feb. 13, 2013
- Date of Adjustment: Feb. 13, 2014
- Date of Adjustment: Nov. 16, 2016

※ This is a translated version of Online Privacy Policy originally prepared in Korean. If any discrepancy in meaning may occur between the translated version and the original Korean version, the original Korean version acts as the superseding documentation.