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Passengers traveling with infants Travelers with Disabilities Pregnancy Traveling with Pets
Passengers traveling with infants
  Check in advance prior to departure
    • Infants who can travel : 7days or more after birth
• Airfare for the infant
  - International flights : 10% of the adult fare
  - Domestic flights : Free of charge
An adult must accompany the infant and no seat will be allocated to the infant.
If a Child's Fare ticket has been purchased for the infant, a seat may be assigned for the infant.
But in case one adult guardian accompanies more than one infant , infant fare shall be applied for one
  of the infants and child fare shall be applied for the others. Please note that infants applied with child
  fare are provided with seats accordingly.
  Baggage preparation
    • Passenger can take more baggage when travelling with the infant.
  For more detail information refer to the following table.
Baggage preparation
International flights Domestic flights
One item among a collapsible stroller, a carriage or a car seat.

One piece of checked baggage provide
the dimensions do not exceed 115cm
(length + width + height),10kg


Stroller Information


• Stroller allowance in the cabin
   - A fully collapsible stroller, which is without basket and cover, may be carried in the cabin.

Strollers over standard size above can be used during check-in process or to the departure gate,
  then may be transferred as a checked baggage.
• How to receive your checked strollers
   - At the aircraft door upon request,
    (It may be not able to receive at the aircraft door subject to airport regulation)
Travellers with Disabilities
  Jin Air wheelchair
    • Passengers with disabilities can use rental wheelchairs for free of charge.
   - For international flights : Please pre-advise our reservation staff of the passenger’s health conditions.
         (Online Request : My Page > My Reservation/Change/Refund > Details > Click ‘Wheelchair’)
   - For domestic flights : Please request wheelchairs at check-in counters.
• Personal Wheelchair
   Passengers are allowed to use their personal wheelchair to the aircraft door. The wheelchairs will be separately
   loaded at the cargo compartment.
   - Wheelchairs are prioritised to be delivered to the aircraft door upon arrival.
   - For battery-operated wheelchairs, please pre-advise our reservation staff for special handling is required.
    In addition, passengers requesting the wheelchairs are advised to arrive at the check-in counter with sufficient
    time(e.g. 2 hours for international, 1 hour for domestic) before scheduled time of departure.
  Air Travel during Pregnancy
    • Whether a passenger can travel during pregnancy depends on the expected date of delivery and pregnancy type
  (single or multiple pregnancy - multiple pregnancy means that a woman has two or more babies in her uterus).
  For the safety of pregnant women and unborn babies, passengers with multiple pregnancy are subject to
  a different policy than those with single pregnancy according to IATA Medical Guideline.
  However, a separate rule applies to pregnant women with complications (e.g., gestational hypertension,
  gestational diabetes, obstetrical hemorrhage).
table of Restriction of air travel with pregnancy
Pregnancy Term (Date of Boarding) Air Travel
Single Multiple
Less than 32 weeks Less than 32 weeks • Less than 32 weeks of pregnancy, there are no restrictions.
• But if you are experiencing complications (gestational hypertension and diabetes as examples), you must present 'Doctor's Note for Air Travel during 'Pregnancy' and 'Declaration of Indemnity' at check-in.
Within 32-36 weeks 32 weeks • Indicate your term of pregnancy and the due date when booking.
• Present the medical certificate during check-in.
37 weeks or more 33 weeks or more • Air travel by pregnant women during this period of pregnancy is prohibited due to safety concerns.
Travel documents for pregnant passengers
  • The following documents need to be prepared in advance for safe travel.
Travel documents for pregnant passengers
Pregnancy Type Required documents No. of Copy Remarks
• Single 32-36 weeks
• Multiple 32 weeks
• Declaration form 2 copies • Please use Jin Air official form.
• Present during check-in.
Download "Declaration of Indemnity".
• Pregnant passenger with complications (regardless of period of pregnancy) • Medical certificate
• Declaration form
1 copy • Please use Jin Air official form.
• Present during check-in (Contact our service center 82-1600-6200 for more information)
Download "Doctor's Note for Air Travel during Pregnancy (Medical certificate)"
      ※  Complications : gestational hypertension, gestational diabetes, obstetrical hemorrhage
Things to be attended
• While flying, the atmospheric pressure inside the aircraft is slightly lower than that on the ground.
  Being maintained at a certain level, it will not affect passengers who do not suffer from medical problems.   However, it may cause an increase of gas inside the intestines. We recommend that to reduce the abdominal   pressure pregnant passengers avoid overeating and carbonated beverages, which help produce gas,
  such as coke and cider.
• Turbulence may occur without notice and cause the plane to make sudden movements, such as yawing or
  sudden altitude drop. Therefore, when moving around the aircraft, be aware of the danger of turbulence and
  when sitting always wear a seat belt. For your safety and comfort wear a seat belt across the pelvis and the
  upper part of the thighs.
Traveling with Pets
  Application method and Preparatory documents
    •Application method
Contact the Jin Air Customer Service Center (1600-6200) and make a booking for pet travel.
    ※ Before making the booking, please check whether you can bring your pet to your destination country and the
  quarantine regulations.
※ Please check the following restrictions and guidelines
※ In the case of an aircraft change, your reserved pet services can become voided even though it was earlier
  confirmed. For this reason, we ask all customers to double check with our office at the airport or our
  customer service center two days before your departure.
  • Preparatory documents
   - Declaration of Indemnity-PET (2copies) GO
   - Rabies vaccination certificate (2copies)
   - Quarantine inspection certificate (2copies)

※ Quarantine inspection certificate will be provided by the animal quarantine office at the departure city once
  you present a rabies vaccination certificate or a health certificate.
※ Declaration of Indemnity-PET can be written at the airport.
After having documentations required, present them to the check-in counter on your departure date.
Guidelines for Pets On Board
  B737 B777
Types Dogs, cats and birds (*At least 8 weeks old)
1. The total weight of pet including kennel is 5kg or less
2. Total dimensions (length, width and height) of the kennel should not exceed 115cm
Number of pets
per person
One pet per passenger(3 pets per aircraft) One pet per passenger(4 pets per aircraft)
for Pet Travel
-Domestic(Korea) KRW10,000
-International Route : Following Excess Baggage Rules[See Details]
※ As pet kennel must be stowed under the front seat, passengers traveling with pets cannot be seated in an
  Exit Seat and JINI Front Seat respectively.
Guidelines for Pets as checked baggage
Types Dogs, cats and birds (*At least 8 weeks old)
1. The total weight of pet including kennel is 32kg or less
2. Total dimensions (length, width and height) of the kennel should not exceed 246cm
Number of pets
per person
Two pets per passenger (5 pets per aircraft)
for Pet Travel
(per one pet)
Domestic Route
- Base rate KRW10,000
(*KRW2,000 will be charged for each kilogram over 5kg)

International Route
- Japan/China/Taiwan KRW100,000
- Southeast Asia/Guam/Saipan KRW150,000
- Honolulu KRW200,000
• Kennel requirements
   - Enough space for the pet to move around
   - Hard-sided animal carriers made of wood, steal, plastic with solid structure.
   - Kennels must be leak-proof and have a ventilating opening
   - The kennel must be padlocked but for emergencies staff should be able to open the kennel.
• Preparations for kennel
   - Food and water should be offered to your pet no more than 2 hours prior to departure and absorbent
  bedding such as paper, towel or blanket is required inside the kennel.
   - In case of emergencies, your name and telephone number should be written in English on the outside of
   the kennel.
Check in advance of the departure
• Check health condition
   - Pets must be healthy and at least 8 weeks old
   - Avoid any type of sedatives as it can affect the body temperature and blood pressure of the pet.
   - Pets under medication, violent, ill smelling, sick or pregnant are not allowed to carry on.
• Quarantine regulations for other countries
   - Rules surrounding pet travel vary around the world.
   - Please check the detailed regulation through the embassy or consulate of your destination to confirm all
  necessary documents
   - You can travel to areas of Japan with your pets if only transplanting Micro chip in the body of your pets.
• Rabies vaccination prior to departure
   - Most countries ask for a rabies vaccination certificate from pets, such as dogs and cats
   - As rabies vaccination become immune after 30 days, Pets should be vaccinated 30 days before the
   departure date. Please make sure that the vaccine will be effective for your entire trip
  (vaccine is usually good for 1 year.)
The others
• Except dogs, cats and birds, other animals such as rabbits, hamsters, ferret, turtles, snacks,
  chicks, chickens, and pigs are not allowed to board the aircraft.
• Ferocious dogs as indicated in Animals Protection Act and pets with aggressive behavior are not allowed in
  any way.
※ Types of prohibited dogs
  - Tosa
  - American Pit Bull Terrier
  - American Staffordshire Terrier
  - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  - Rottweiler
  - Any crossbreed from above
• One pet per passenger on board basically. But a pair of puppies or cats less than 6 months old are allowed
  under the condition that they are put into a same single cage (same species only).
• Rules surrounding pet travel vary around the world. Please double check the all the rules before making the
• We do not take any responsibility for non-transportability due to lack of documents. Please prepare all the
  required documents beforehand
• For more details, please contact Q&A on the Web or Customer Service Center at +82-1600-6200.