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Baggage Information

Baggage Information
  Carry On Baggage
    1 piece of the laptap computer or brief case or purse can be hand-carried. Carry on baggage which exceeds overall dimensions of 115cm and more than 12kg will not be accepted.
  Checked Baggage
table of Free checked baggage information
Division Checked baggage
Adults and Children
(Over 2 years of age)
Korean Domestic 15kg
International Southeast Asia/Japan
/Hong Kong
China 20kg
Americas 2pieces, less than 23kg each (Total dimensions of a piece – less than 158cm/62in, Total dimensions of 2 pieces – less than 273cm/107in)
Australia 1piece, less than 23kg (Total dimensions of a piece – less than 158cm/62in)
Excess Charge(America/Australia) Extra Piece Charge Overweight Charge
Applies to more than 23kg, less than 32kg baggage Guam/Saipan : KRW 50,000 each
(USD 50)
Honolulu : KRW 150,000 each (USD  150)
Cairns : KRW 100,000 each (USD 100)
Guam/Saipan : KRW 50,000 each (USD 50)
Honolulu : KRW 75,000 each (USD 75)
Cairns : KRW 75,000 each (USD 75)
(Under 2 years of age)
Korean Domestic 1 from either a collapsible stroller, or child car seat
International 1 piece with a size of less than 115cm/45ins and maximum weight of 10kg/22lbs + 1 collapsible stroller, or child car seat (Total 2 piece)
• Total dimensions(length , width, and height) of bag should not exceed 203cm
What is Extra Piece charge / Overweight charge for America(ex. Honolulu route)?
- Extra Piece charge : 3 pieces of baggage, each less than 23kg –charge of KRW150,000 (exceeding free baggage allowance of two pieces).
- Overweight charge: 2 pieces of baggage, each 20kg and 30kg – charge of KRW75,000 (the 30kg baggage exceeds free baggage allowance of 23 kg.)
  Sports Equipment Baggage
table of sports equipment baggage information
Sports Equipment Items Charges
• Ski, Snow board, Diving equipment, Bicycle, Surfboarding, Windsurfing equipment
• Other sports equipment not exceeding 32kg/70lbs, 277cm/109ins
• Sport equipment charge of base rate/pcs. (KRW 10,000 on Korean departure) shall be applied.
• Additional Excess baggage charges shall be applied if total baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance.
    ※ Golf will be accepted as part of Free Baggage allowance.
   Excess baggage charges shall be applied only if total baggage exceeds the free baggage allowance.
    Large Sports Equipment Base Rate (per piece, based on departure local currency)
- KRW 10,000 / USD 10 / JPY 1,000 / CNY 60 / HKD 70 / THB 300 / MYR 30 / PHP 400 / VND 225,000 / TWD 300 / AUD 13
Precautions on sports equipment baggage
- Sports equipment over 32kg/70lbs and/or 277cm/109ins total linear inches (L + W + H) will not be accepted as
checked baggage.
- Please submit your sports equipment in individual package or exclusive case. If it is not wrapped individually,
the airline is not responsible for any damage and thus not liable for any compensation.
  Wrapping Baggage Supplies
    Wrapping baggage supplies purchase is available at the airport Jin Air check-in counters.
(Effective Date from 12/01/2015)
table of wrapping baggage supplies information
Items Price
Plastic Bag (Small)
(75 X 100 cm)
2,000 2 15 200 20 65 9
Plastic Bag (Large)
(100 X 146 cm)
3,000 3 20 300 25 100 13
※ We accept credit card, debit card or cash for purchase. Purchasing supplies are non-refundable.