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B777-200ER (Scale = 1:400)

B777-200ER is a safety proven jet being operated by many major airline companies since its introduction in 1995, which Jin Air has incorporated as first Korean low cost carriers to its fleet.

Being designed to accommodate market demand and customers needs to its maximum, B777-200ER is the Extended-range(ER) version to its B777 models of widened cabin space and reduced flight cost. It is the state-of-the-art aircraft which is capable of accommodating up to 440 passengers and flying long-haul routes.

Jin Air B777-200ER specs

table of B777-200ER specifications
Passenger Capacity 355 seats, 393 seats Seat Guide JINI PLUS Seat / JINI Front Seat / JINI Seat / JINI EXIT Seat
Overall Length 63.73m Wing Span 60.93m
Range with Full Payload 12,610km Cruise Speed 901km/hr

B737-800 (Scale = 1:400)

Jin Air's B737-800 is a safety proven jet which has received most praise among he B737 series with its proven safety features since its introduction in 1998.

B737 series consist of early models that are no longer in production(100~500) and NG(Next Generation) models(600~900) with distinct impronement oner the early models. Among them, B737-800 is 100% digitalized state-of-the-art aircraft. As front runners of the next generation aircraft, the B737-800 is also environment friendly and has improved fuel efficiency and educed carbon emission and noise.

Jin Air B737-800 specs

table of B737-800 specifications
Passenger Capacity 189 seats Seat Guide JINI Front Seat / JINI Seat / JINI EXIT Seat / JINI EXIT Seat(No Recline)
Overall Length 39.50m Wing Span 35.79m
Range with Full Payload 5,376km Cruise Speed 836km/hr